Undergrad Diploma Course in Jewellery

Advanced diploma course is a course which provides more in depth knowledge or like the word suggests “ADVANCE” is a step ahead of a basic diploma. Advanced diploma course eligibility is anyone who wants to learn something new side by side while doing their degree or wants to explore a new field without committing a number of years. Advanced Diplomas come in two types one with a two year duration and the other with a three year specialization duration. 

This Jewellery Design Diploma course is designed to teach students the art of designing jewellery. Each of the courses are usually divided into two parts: practical and theoretical. The theoretical aspect of an advanced diploma is to teach you the knowledge needed for communication in the jewellery industry from scientific terms to workings of different techniques. 

The practical part of the course involves learning how to use tools and materials, as well as how to design jewellery and understand the basics of gemstones and diamonds. Jewellery Design Diploma Course opens up prospective job learnings and offers who are ready to give you more hands-on experience while at work. 

If you are certain about the field of design you want to explore but are pursuing a degree in a different field you can apply for an advanced diploma of two or three years specialization and walk out with all the knowledge and portfolio required to apply for jobs in the field.

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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Designers need to be updated on new trends, research and market requirements 
  • In order to plan out new collections and forecast what will attract the customers one should learn to stay equipped with what happening around in the industry 
  • Helping craftsmen and manufacturers understand the workings of their design and bridging the gap between designer and the final manufactured product 
  • Manages social media, website content and new launches if required for the brand 
  • Runs a business from scratch
  • Can act as a Freelancer who takes projects according to the interest and style of the brief

UG Diploma in Jewellery Design: 3 Year Specialisation Course

Semester ISemester II
Fundamentals of Jewellery DesignHistory of Indian Jewellery
Jewellery GlossaryEstimation and Costing
Science and Technology of MetalsHistory of International Jewellery
Nature of Gemstones and 4’Cs of DiamondFashion Jewellery
Fundamental Designing (Practical 1)Construction of Fashion Jewellery (Practical 1)
Designing and Colour Demonstration (Practical 2)Rhino CAD (Practical 2)

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