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What is photography? 

Photography is the supreme art of capturing moments with a camera’s shutter and transforming them into visual masterpieces. You can transform your hobby into a thriving and passionate career by pursuing a diploma in photography if you enjoy taking photographs, preserving every memory of your loved ones, and finding beauty in even the most desolate landscapes. It can help you acquire the fundamentals and essential knowledge quickly, laying the groundwork for this exciting career. You can choose from a variety of photography diploma courses, ranging from graduate diplomas to certification programs.

Who does not like clicking pictures? Every smartphone these days comes with a camera and that’s where the root of liking, loving or enjoying photography stems from. Eventually when one starts really enjoying this art of clicking pictures and seeing the world through the lenses is when a person decides to create this passion into a profession. 

Eventually this is then taken ahead into understanding use of DSLR’s and which lenses are meant for which type of photography. 

 “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” – Karl Lagerfeld

Photography is an art. For those who wish to pursue a professional photography career, this creative photography diploma programme has been developed for all your enthusiasts out there. 

There are three modules in the Professional Photography Course, and each session is assignment-based. Weekly assignments will be provided to students, who will receive faculty mentoring. Professional and well-known photographers will mentor students and conduct lectures and workshops throughout the year.

Regular evaluation of student work will take place, and feedback will be given to help students understand the concept, skill, method, and presentation.

Having access to professionals in the field will help you regularly by seeing and evaluating your progress on the basis of submissions. 

In order to keep students informed about the current state of the ever-evolving globe and the needs of the photography industry, the course will adhere to the most recent market practices in a variety of photography-related areas.

Students can choose various fields to master in photography depending on what they enjoy photographing like: 

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  1. Wildlife Photography 
  2. Pet Photography 
  3. Portrait Photography
  4. Wedding Photography 
  5. Commercial photography
  6. Travel photography
  1. Event photography
  2. Fashion photography
  3. Sports photography
  4. Architectural photography
  5. Food photography

Professional Photography Courses Offered : Certification & PG Course

1 Year Advance Course

1st Semester2nd Semester
Camera & Types Of CamerasUnderstanding The Human Body
Different Light Sources And ComparativeIntroduction To Studio Lights And Effects
Over And Under ExposuresDifferent Lightnings In The Studio And Effects
Processing Of Black & White FilmsStudio Photography

Certification In Photography – 6 Months

Camera & Types Of Cameras
Different Light Sources And Comparative
Over And Under Exposures
Processing Of Black & White Films

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