Jewellery Design Diploma Course

The jewellery design diploma is a course that is designed to teach students the skills and knowledge required to work as a designer. The diploma is a shorter course compared to a master’s or a graduation degree. The duration of the diploma is one year.

Course Duration: 1 Year

The Jewellery Design Diploma is all about exploring your hands into different levels of creativity from motif adaptation to understanding ongoing trends, learning about the origin of traditional Indian jewellery and applying basic principles of jewellery design like balance, rhythm, repetition etc. 

Students at INSD,Pune will learn not only about the ongoing trends and forecast of jewellery but also about the history of jewellery, study of metals and dipping your creative hands into the makings of costume jewellery. There will also be a brief talk on the tools used in this field and what it takes to run a successful business a diploma is a package

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Course Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of the course students will have the knowledge about different metals used in jewellery (precious and non-precious) 
  • Students will be able to design jewellery manually for different themes and have original research for backing 
  • During the course the students will be working on a full-fledged portfolio for jewellery which will help them in job applications, further studies etc. 
  • Jewellery Design is a vast field the Diploma course opens up doors into different fields to master like diamond grading, gemology etc 
  • If you are looking to start a small business setup in costume jewellery this diploma course gives you hands-on experience with add-on facilities like exploring markets of Mumbai and Pune

Roles and Responsibilities

  • They research and procure materials, sketch drawings, and approve samples. 
  • Work in collaboration with manufacturer 
  • Jewellery Designer can specialize in individual subjects like gemology, grading etc 
  • Works as a researcher and trend forecaster by staying on top of the upcoming trends etc 
  • Will work in close quarters with R&D team, marketing team or even designers team 
  • Roles require strong creative talents, innovative thinking, and the ability to spot emerging trends.

Why Join a Jewellery Design Diploma Course?

  • Quality Training by faculties and industry experts from respective fields
  • Thorough learning material provided in the forms of presentations 
  • Take back a good design portfolio which will help in applying for further studies/jobs 
  • Help will be provided for creating resumes application for various brands and with interviews 

One Year Diploma in Jewellery Design

Semester – ISemester – II
Basics Of DesignScience of Gemstones
Introduction To Jewellery DesigningCosting & Pricing
Jewellery TerminologyDiamond Grading
MetallurgyCostume Jewellery
Basics Of Design (Practical-1)Construction of Fashion Jewellery (Practical-1)
Design and Rendering (Practical-2)Formal and Traditional Designing

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