MBA in Interior Designing

The information, abilities, and skills needed to function in a demanding and evolving global environment are provided by the MBA in Interior Design. The program’s themes have a strategic focus that addresses real-world problems and ideas while developing the abilities needed for contemporary interior design.

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2 Years Fully Online / Offline Program
UGC Recognized Degree


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Fees ₹130,360 Payable over 2 semesters

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Interior Designer

  • Collaborating with an interior design studio to provide client-specific design solutions 
  • To assist the design team with technical difficulties influencing concept development, conduct research on ideas and materials. 
  • Make observations on-site and offer suggestions to assist streamline existing design tasks. 
  • Prepare for customer presentations and take part in them
  • Choosing the right furniture, materials, decor, and finishes requires taking the customer’s budget and the authorized design into consideration. 
  • Create samples based on client requests and obtain approvals from business to residential design sites 
  • A cooperative team of engineers, architects, and design assistants will include an interior designer.

MBA In Interior Designing

Semester – ISemester – II
Advance constructionBusiness environment & law
Graphic communication & signageUrban design & planning
Management process & behaviourFurniture design studio
Building services detailed & sequence of activitiesFurniture periodic styles
Studio – 1Specification & valuation
General proposal & development of projectStudio – 2
Basics of draftingAutoCAD
Basics of graphicsSketchup
Materials Advanced furniture design
Inspiration & style on trend forecastingTextile & décor styling in interiors
Interior business analysis- Part 1

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