Fashion Design Diploma Course

One year Diploma Courses in Fashion Designing is curated in a way that introduces students to the creative as well as design aspects of the field of fashion. Students are encouraged to create and develop their own creative identity by the process of design thinking combined with critical thinking capacity. 

Course Duration: 1 Year

Diploma Courses in Fashion Designing is an amalgamation of practical learning and theoretical knowledge. This Diploma teaches students to practice their skills and use their knowledge the way they would be required in the practical world. Fashion design is not only the field desired by many but also a field full of challenges which requires students to build their unique design styles and think out of the box  which is something that is taught by the faculties of INSD,Pune. 

Diploma in Fashion Programme equips the students with the history of costumes, creating illustrations and doing research on the basis of themes. Elements and principles of design is an important subject for any design field INSD,Pune strongly believes in setting up the foundation right for students to do well in the future. 

The course is a mix of both knowledge required from a theory aspect and experience required from a practical working industry aspect which sets up our students to tackle all the challenges in their work environment and use the diploma for application of further studies if they have a desire to.

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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Strengthen the foundation so strong that every other skill you learn is a bonus on top of the Diploma course
  • The course helps you create your own design style and identity by working alongside you to help you create a breathtakingly unique portfolio 
  • Fashion Illustration is a strong pursuit of any fashion designer work on your skills with the help of experts 
  • Understand how to know about the ongoing trends, and use inspiration for your projects 
  • Learn about stitching methods, draping, and introduction to pattern-making and use your skills for job application as well as further studies.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • A fashion designer will also be heavily involved in the arrangements for a fashion show
  • Understanding the designs, sizes of the wear and selecting the models, arranging the presentation of the garments in the collection
  • They will make final selections in the choices of material, buttons, zippers, and all other elements of the garment before it is brought together as a whole piece 
  • Designing, sketching and illustrating the new designs according to themes and providing a more detailed working pattern is the next step for the fashion designer.
  • Fashion Designers if have a good sense of window displays and merchandising can also help in visual merchandising and marketing

Why join a Fashion Design Diploma Course?

  • Quality training by industry experts 
  • Learning material provided digitally 
  • Well-versed portfolio making according to industry standards 
  • Placement cell for opportunities in the industry 

One Year Diploma in Fashion Design

Semester – ISemester – II
Elements of DesignFashion Illustration
Fashion Industrial LanguageDifferent body drape elements a function of clothing
Basic principle of FashionIntroduction to textile theory
Stitching methods and applicationHistory of costumes
Draping - 1Introduction to pattern making
Practical Practical

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