Animation Design Certification Course

Animation Certificate Course is a program that teaches you how to create animations for various purposes. Animation design is an emerging field offering various courses to learn about this field and create a career out of it. Animation designers can work in various fields, such as video game development, film and TV production, advertising, and computer graphics. 

  1. Learn the basics of Computer Skills and drawing
  2. Understand how programming works 
  3. Learn about anatomy and principle of Animation 

A certificate programme is a short-term Animation Certificate course, it’s a basic course which concentrates on teaching all the base level programming, introduction to animation as a design process and the duration of this course at INSD, Pune is of 6 months. 

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Course Learning Outcomes

  • By pursuing the certificate course, the short duration and concentration of strengthening the basics is  what gives students the opportunity to understand if this is really the field they would want to pursue as a career. 
  • Certification course helps in letting students explore their skills, ideas and work on critical thinking as well as design thinking abilities. 
  • Animation certification helps students polish their computer-based animation learning
  • A six month duration of animation certification course not a short duration  to learn the basics of several softwares, understand your skills and get enough practice to use the knowledge
  • Certificate course in the digital world is always an add-on on your resume 
  • The animation industry is on a roll for the popularity and demand shown by the public.Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities to make a successful career in the animation industry starting with people having a certification course.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Using a range of materials, including modelling clay, plaster, oil paints, watercolours and acrylics
  • Developing the timing and pace of the movements of a character or object during the sequence of images and ensuring they follow the soundtrack and audio requirements
  • Using technical software packages
  • Building up accurate, detailed, frame-by-frame visuals

Certification Course in Animation (Duration 6 Months)

Course ContentPre -Production
Digital Art Design – PracticalIntroduction To Pc Skills And Programming
Drawing With ComputerBasic Photoshop & Texturing

Anatomy For AnimationCel Animation – Practical

Principles Of Animation2d Animation
SoftwaresAdobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Autodesk 3dsmax

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