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About INSD Kothrud, Pune

A pioneer in evolving design education in our country, INSD focuses on bridging the gap between Academics and the Industry. The ideology behind our education system is to contribute significantly to the development of the Indian Design Industry by tapping on hidden talent, passion, dedication, innovation and tremendous potential that today’s youth showcases. At INSD, Kothrud we strongly believe in providing quality education by setting high academic standards and providing hands-on learning experience to its students. The wide variety of entrepreneurial programs offered to students makes sure the current needs of the industry are met. We encourage start-ups and guide individuals to a successful business during their course of study at International School of Design. INSD has had a rewarding journey so far. The brand has collaborated with The India Runway Week as their educational partner in September 2015 which sets new milestones for budding designers and helps them emerge as technically competent professionals in this era. The best way to predict the future is to create it! Take your first step towards achieving your dreams. Your future belongs here. Slowly as things have started to fall back in place, our teachers have taken a new road towards making the student’s education the top most priority. Our dedicated staff taking online sessions from the institute @insd.pune @insd.deccan. We are extremely happy and proud of all the mentors, who have never stopped working during this pandemic and who have definitely dedicated themselves to this beautiful journey of teaching. “Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”

Pune Deccan Campus

Our Pune-Deccan campus is a vibrant and creative hub in the heart of Pune City. Our campus area is nestled amongst an exciting cluster of ancient ruins from the Mughal era, cafes and old monuments, independent and high street stores to bargain shops as well. Called “Queen of the Deccan,” Pune is the cultural capital of the Maratha. As well as being a city with an intoxicating blend of heritage, history and exciting contemporary atmosphere, Pune is also a Fashion and IT hub with several manufacturers and famous designers residing in the city. Guest faculties from various parts of the Globe, regularly visit INSD PUNE center for workshops and interactions. The Deccan campus also provides several international study tours which gives exposure to the students in various fields of Design, meet students from all over the world, learn from each other and share experiences. This gives the student the ability to think outside the box which opens up new avenues for their career and carve a path suitable for their own interest. Fashion Shows & Events as a part of the curriculum is to organize and partner with industry events and shows. From Fashion Weeks in India to London, Design Exhibition and Design solutions in the advertising and entertainment industry, INSDians have a platform to display their work in front of a wider audience and gain key insights from the industry experts. Pune times fashion week is one of the most renowned media platforms where students get to showcase not only with the fashion industry, but they learn to organize events and display their vibrant creative graphics which opens doors for our graphic and set design teams as well.


International School of Design is one of the evolving institutes of today that focuses majorly on the relationship of students and the working design industry. INSD is not only an institute that works towards creating brighter, sharper minds and polishing existing skills that students show in their everyday lectures but also concentrates on the ever so developing trends, industry requirements and how the students can act as those missing jigsaw puzzle pieces and make the design world a far more creative and a space to invent new technology, ideas in terms of design.

The brand has collaborated with The India Runway Week as their educational partner in September 2015 which sets new milestones for budding designers and helps them emerge as technically competent professionals.

The major problems in today’s generation comes from giving too much weightage to either practical learning or to theoretical knowledge and failing to find the right balance. Today we are looking at creating minds who not only have a strong base for learning but are creating design projects by using both skills of theory and practical design making to shine bright and stand out in their work.

Providing quality education by setting high academic standards and providing hands-on learning experience to its students is one major factor of INSD that helps students find their niche and work towards their goal with the help of their mentors. All the mentors for several programmes that INSD offers come with a very strong design background, good education and working experience.

Furthermore, it is important for students to learn how to think critically about their work and be able to analyze it from different perspectives.The goal of education should not just be about passing tests or getting good grades; instead it should be about learning how to think creatively and critically so that students can become successful adults in their chosen careers.

University Life

International School Of Design, concentrates in all aspects of student development from enhancing their personality, interview skills, speaking etiquettes  to helping them become good team leaders as well as team-workers. Problem-solving skills are an important aspect of working in the creative industry and critical thinking in design is as important as creative thinking.  A university education involves overall development of the student as a responsible citizen with skills that are worthy of being used in their career paths. INSD provides experiences like exhibition displays, industrial and market visits, participation in fashion shows, indoor/outdoor photoshoots, a variety of webinars and workshops with industry specialists. University life at INSD is student focused and helps them thrive in their respective fields by opening up doors of opportunities. 

Our Vision

  • Equipping students with the right theoretical knowledge 
  • Creating healthy environment for learning 
  • Providing best practical learning experiences that will help them in their careers 
  • Providing student centric education 
  • Staying up-to-date on new trends, technology and industry expectations 

Our Mission

  • A place for all design knowledge, practical learning and refining skills to help achieve the dreams of budding designers. 
  • To create designers that believe in good quality work and understand the importance of value-based learning 
  • To place designers in major categories and encourage them to think ‘global and act local’ supporting the local craftsmanship and sources of India.
  • Creating and helping the youth to become the best version of themselves in the field of their choice

“Education without application is just entertainment” — Tim Sanders

We at INSD believe that education and knowledge should be provided in a way that in the future can be applied in the given field with ease. As design without the basis of application is just entertainment. A wide variety of opportunities provided at INSD is all about first-hand learning experiences from the pioneers of the industry, the path-breakers, and the game-changers in the field of Design and Innovation. 

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