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Currently, one of the most sought-after professional paths in the design sector is jewellery design. It’s a career for someone who appreciates fine style and accessories but is drawn to everything that sparkles and blurts out luxury. 

People who pay great attention to details and have a preference for elaborate work may choose a career in jewellery design.

The curriculum for the jewellery design course is created in a way that it will cover every area of the industry, including various types of stones, design themes, presentations, jewellery costing and creating, diamond grading, etc. We also provide instruction in computer-aided design for the jewellery industry. Candidates develop the skills necessary to work with precious metals, alloys, and other materials.

After Jewellery Design Course numerous internship possibilities with renowned jewellery houses are available during the course of study, and guest lecturers and jewellery designers also hold hands-on workshops to provide a more in-depth look at how the business operates. We provide you with a wide variety of opportunities if you wish to pursue a career in jewellery design.

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Career Paths

  • Jewellery Designer
  • Jewellery Merchandiser
  • Jewellery Blogger
  • Jewellery Journalist
  • Manufacturer
  • Lecturer/professor
  • Casting Manager
  • Jewellery Social media manager
  • Marketing Head / assistant
  • Sales Representative
  • Jewellery Consultant
  • Jewellery Stylist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Diamond Grader
  • Gemologist
  • Craftsman
  • Freelancer
  • Lapidary
  • Gemstone Appraiser
  • Jewellery Setter
  • Assorter
  • Jewellery Historian
  • Auction House Cataloger
  • Accessory Designer
Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Jewellery Designer
  • Manual designing, sketching and researching about themes in jewellery or using CAD software and creating designs is one of the major roles of a jewellery designer 
  • If you are pursuing to become an expert in gemology or diamond grading, then your role is to assist in determining the quality of gemstones and grading diamonds using the four Cs.
  • Recognises the needs of the client and develops designs while considering the occasion, material, budget, and style in short also known as custom-made designs 
  • Jewellery retailers might benefit from visual merchandisers that can design appealing interiors, window displays, and store layouts to increase foot traffic and brand sales.
  • For the purpose of planning new collections and predicting what will be successful in the future, designers must stay on top of the new trends, research, and market requirements.
  • Assisting manufacturers and craftsmen in understanding how their designs function and bridging the gap between the designer and the finished manufactured model
  • Manages the brand’s social media, website content, and fresh releases as needed.
  • Runs a firm from scratch or works as a freelancer depending on the kind of assignments that appeal to them.

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B Des Jewellery Design

Semester – ISemester – II
Basics Of DesignNature of Gemstones
Introduction to Jewellery DesigningEstimation and Costing
Jewellery Terminology4’Cs of Diamond
Study Of MetalsFashion Jewellery
Basic Designing (Practical 1)Construction of Fashion Jewellery (Practical 1)
Designing and Rendering (Practical 2)Kundan Designing (Practical 2)

"Transform Your Passion into Reality - Enroll in Our Jewellery
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