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About HGU

Himalayan Garhwal University (HGU) is an independent organisation established by the Government of Uttrakhand under UK Act No. 33 of 2016, which was approved by the Uttrakhand Assembly. HGU was announced by the Uttrakhand State Government under Notification No. XXXVI (3)/2016/48(1)/2016, in accordance with Section 2(f) of the University Grants Commission, UGC Act 1956.

About Sikkim Professional University

We currently provide bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. A reputable university with UGC recognition for more than a decade, Sikkim Professional University. Sikkim Professional University, which has received proper recognition from the University Grants Commission (UGC), is a center of excellence for higher education with the purpose of producing highly competent graduates who, given the chance, can compete in today’s corporate world.

About INSD

INSD is a panel made up of well-known educators and business executives that have established INSD. It was recognised as the Best Design Institute and has since grown to become one of India’s top institutions for design education. We offer good fashion, sustainable living ideas and modern jewellery making ideas. We offer flagship campuses across the country for fashion design, jewellery design, interior design, animation design, textile design, graphic design, photography courses, and other management programmes, with the goal of preparing graduates to train in and assume leadership roles in related industries in the rapidly changing global environment. The Institute has been at the forefront of our nation’s expanding design education; INSD is dedicated to bridging the gap between academia and industry. 

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