Interior Design Certification Course

Interior Design is the art of changing workspaces, personal spaces into more effective and visually appealing settings for better day to day efficiency. A short term Interior Design Certificate course will help you gain knowledge in understanding how Interior as a profession works, what skills are required and what you would like to specialize in. One can enroll into a certification course anytime after their 10th board exam for students who enroll into these courses get a brief idea of how this field can enfold opportunities or understand whether this field is what they would want to pursue in the long run. 

Course Description:

  1. Imparts knowledge on the basics of Interior Design from drafting projects to working with materials and so on. 
  2. Learn about studio apartments, 3BHK designs etc 
  3. Brief introduction into furniture design and Autocad as a technological software 

Pursuing a Certificate course in Interior Design may open up lots of prospective as well as challenging job opportunities to the students.

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Course Learning Outcomes

  • This course will discuss the design techniques in Interior Projects 
  • Gain knowledge of textures, materials, and the latest interior trends 
  • Learn about the major topics like drafting, color theory, furniture etc
  • Certificate course helps understand your ability of design thinking and applying it in day-to-day life
  • Students can easily design any living spaces
  • Having base knowledge of a software like AutoCAD can help students apply for freelance jobs or even pursue higher degree education

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with interior design firm to develop design solutions
  • Research concepts and materials to support design team on technical issues influencing concept development
  • Prepare and participate in client presentations
  • Uses design applications to prepare and illustrate final plans

Certification Course in Interior Design

Basics of drafting
Basics of graphics
Fundamentals of interior designing
Introduction to furniture designing
Basics of furniture designing
Building construction
Studio apartment
Creche design
3BHK design

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