Textile Design Certificate Course

Textile is one of the oldest industries to be flourishing in India, the courses have taken a different height in the past few years where people have started appreciating the craft of textile designing and traditional ways of making fabrics. To become a textile designer the knowledge of the market, materials and techniques used by craftsmen is essential which is covered in the Textile Design Certificate Course at INSD, Pune.

Course Description:

  1. Gain the knowledge of colors, shades and tones and apply it in textiles 
  2. Working on the details and develop an eye for understanding minute changes and differences in the craftsmanship 
  3. Visual imagination along with the knowledge of the market will help you flourish in this sector of design 

A certificate programme in Textile Design is all about learning the basics of Indian textiles, their making and origin and learning the techniques through practical experience. A short course like this gives you a good sneak-peek into the industry and lets you decide with enough practical experience whether it’s a field you would want to pursue ahead. People who are already working in textiles can get into certification courses to add a bonus to their knowledge and resume. 

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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Certificate course in Textile is a short-term quick course giving you a brief idea of what it is to work in the field and understand the requirements of the designer. 
  • Brushes various skills of an individual such as communication, imagination, originality, and knowledge of colors and trends in the market 
  • A focus on research and development will help students to drive innovation across the industry by learning about materials and the making 
  • The course will provide students to test out ideas through experimenting 
  • The course lets you handle different objectives from designing fabrics to working with techniques 
  • Education in textiles is a broad spectrum from developing curiosity to creativity, originality and design application in apparel and home fashion industries.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Textile designer develops new design concepts, illustrations and creates sample ideas
  • Ensures that projects are completed on time, assesses and approves completed items and production standards
  • Developing a network of business contacts
  • Clearly and accurately communicate print issues/concerns/updates to cross-functional teams

6 Months Certificate Course in Textile Design: (Eligibility: 10th)

Course Details
Fibre Theory
Yarn Process
Colour and Texture
Introduction to Dyeing
Motif Development
Embroideries of India
Internal Subjects
History of Textiles
Sourcing & Market Survey

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