Interior Decoration & Styling

Interior designers and stylists work on a range of projects, including both residential and commercial interiors for establishments including restaurants, offices, hotels, and show homes and exhibitions. Their abilities might lead them into other inventive and creative fields including event designing, interior photo shoots, visual merchandising for brands and displays for homeware interiors.

Course Duration – 9 Months                    Course Mode – Online and Offline

Course Description

The art of interior design styling course involves choosing the right furniture, fabrics, finishes, lighting, and accessories from among a wide range of modern and vintage goods. In addition to being a beneficial skill for interior designers, it also offers a viable independent career path in the media, real estate, and design industries. The visual principles, materials, and applications of interior styling are covered in this 4-week course. 

Regardless of whether you are interested in styling real homes, photo shoots, or magazine projects, students at INSD PUNE will master all the skills necessary to design attractive interiors and magazine projects. In order to develop their own portfolio of work, students will sharpen their talents and master all the requirements of an interior stylist. 

The fundamentals of styling will be organized around an interior brief and several practical exercises will be followed by students which will help them understand the basics of styling and decorating. 

Interior designers are knowledgeable about colour theory, room arrangement, where to find styling components, how to integrate texture and textiles, as well as important interior trends and how to make references to historical eras and styles. There will also be a brief introduction to magazine styling and interior product photography.

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Special Features of the Course

  • To equip graduates from all disciplines with a platform where they may develop an integrated skill-based design approach and technical knowledge of interior design and styling with a comprehensive fundamental grasp of the design and styling market. 
  • To provide exposure to the market and experience through industry engagement
  • To have a comprehensive understanding of the design process 
  • Quality training assurance through advisors for design education and industry experts

Outcomes of the course

By the end of the course, students will have acquired the creative and practical skills needed to style interiors from the initial concept and mood board to the actual space. The importance of styling components, colour theory, and decorating methods will be taught to students. On top of that, they gain knowledge about how to create warm and inspiring rooms as well as how to build a stylist’s eye.

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Learning Modules

Module 1: Fundamentals of Art and Design
  • You will learn about the Colour therapy and psychology
  • Learn about the Explanation of colour
  • Learnt the meaning of colour
  • Learn about the Creating a colour energy balance
  • Learn about the Colour suitabilities
  • Learn about how to use colour in interiors& exteriors
  • Learn about the Personality colour chart
  • Learn about how we receive colour into our bodies
  • Learn about the the psychology of colour
  • How colour affects us at home and in the work place
  • Elements and Principle of design
Module 2: Craft and Textiles
  • You will learn about the Materials
  • Learn about the Materials sustainability and recycling in interior design
  • Learn about the Guiding principles to sustainable interior design
  • Learn about the Bathrooms
  • Learn about the Tableware
  • Learn about the Curtains, shutters and blinds
  • Learn about the Flooring Décor and Fabrics
  • Learn about the Eco fabrics
  • Learn about the concept of Up-cycling
  • Learn about the Soft Furnishing – definition
  • Learn about the Types of lining for soft window treatments
  • Learn about the Designing a window treatment
Module 3: Material and Construction Techniques
  • Floor Types
  • Wall paneling types
  • Ceiling finishes and construction
  • Window Types
  • Wood and Wood Finishes
  • Learn about the Window treatments – Hard and soft
  • Learn about the How to measure windows and Estimating fabric requirements
  • Learn about the Materials sustainability and recycling in interior design
  • Learn about the Doors and Door construction
  • You learn about the Paints and texture
Module 4: Design and styling studio
  • You will learn about the Style
  • You will also learn about the different Designing  interior style -Pastoral/rustic , Traditional, Contemporary, and Transitional style
  • Know about the Places of interest and inspiration
  • Learn about the Finishing touches
  • You will also learn about how to present sample boards, mood boards
Module 5: Furniture and styling studio
  • You will learn about the Furniture concepts
  • Learn about what are furniture concepts?
  • Learn about the Styles of furniture through the ages
  • Learn about the Fabrics FF&E – Definition
  • Learn about the sustainability and recycling in interior design
  • History of Furniture
  • Learn about the Furniture and definitions
Module 6: Design Code and space planning
  • You will learn about the Entrances hallways and stairs
  • You will also learn about the Entrances Hallway, different types, Including lighting and décor Stairs Landing
  • You will learn about the Living rooms and dining rooms
  • Learn about the approach to designing a living room
  • Learn about the look that you want to achieve
  • Learn about the Preparing a brief and Planning a layout of the space
  • You will also learn about the Focal points
  • Learn about the Dining rooms – planning out the space
  • Learn about the preparing a brief Storage, services, decoration and materials considerations
Module 6: Design Code and space planning (Contd.)
  • Learn about the Bathrooms
  • Learn about the Tableware
  • You will learn about the Kitchens
  • Learn about the History of kitchens
  • Learn about the Kitchens today
  • You will also learn about the Work sequence
  • Learn about the work triangle, Kitchen layouts & Design brief
  • Learn about the Preparing a layout
  • Learn about how to put modules to work
Module 6: Design Code and space planning (Contd.)
  • Points to consider while planning a Kitchen storage space
  • Learn about the Food storage, preparation and cooking Styles
  • You will learn about the Bedrooms
  • Learn about the Brief Beds
  • Learn about the Wardrobes Style
  • You will also learn about the Storage
  • Learn about the Different types of bedrooms
  • Learn about the Designing for different needs and ages
  • Learn about Creating bathrooms in bedrooms
Module 10: Design Style Project
  • Residential styling
  • VM Styling-Retail outlet
  • Set Design as per theme
  • Software Google Sketch up and 3Ds Max
Module 8: Interior design lighting style
  • You will learn about how to Design with light
  • Learn about the History of light
  • Learn about the Lighting design today
  • You will also learn about What is lighting
  • Learn about how to choose your lights
  • Learn about the Types of lighting sources
  • Learn about the Types of fittings
  • Learn about the Safety Tips and techniques for successful lighting design
Module 9: Accessories and artifacts-craft styling
  • You will learn about the Accessories and finishing touches
  • Types of Accessories as per theme
  • Hand craft work-Fabric, wood, glass, bamboo, cane
  • Portraits and installations
Module 7: Representation Techniques
  • You will learn how to draw on scale  SOFTWARE AUTOCAD
  • Learn about the Research and equipment
  • Learn about how to draw plans and elevations
  • Learn about what are sections?
  • Learn about the rendering of drawing Symbols
  • Learn about what we use plan layouts for

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