Jewellery Design Certification Programme

The jewellery design certificate is a course that is designed to teach students the skills and knowledge required to work as a manual designer. This is a shorter course compared to a diploma or a graduation degree. The duration of the certification is six months and it helps bring out the innate skills and creativity of the students.

Course Duration: 6 Months

Course Description

  1. Through practical work, designers are assisted to express their creativity by designing a portfolio of their own styles.
  2. Learning about jewellery design, foundation and basic skills required to have hold n the creativity 
  3. The course also concentrates a lot on how to start research? How to use the research and document designs for a project 

Jewels today are used to tell stories, create a mark or even to spread awareness. To become a jewellery designer one must have knowledge of different types of materials, settings, have a steady hand at drawing and research. Once this is established a certificate course also teaches the basics of how to use this knowledge and create a portfolio which wil help in further applications for courses.

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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Jewellery design certificate course opens up options for further studies in the field from gemology, diamond grading or accessory designing 
  • Learn the basics of rendering and creating motifs 
  • A portfolio of basic manual designs is what helps in further application process to work / study in the field 
  • The certificate course also helps you in learning about costume jewellery which can help in setting up small business 
  • The jewellery course teaches about different materials used precious and semi-precious 
  • Take back a portfolio and pieces of costume jewellery made by you under the guidance of professionals and explore the field of jewellery

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Drafting designs on paper
  • Understands clients requirements and creates designs taking into account occasion, material, and style 
  • Connect with active professionals in the industry
  • Start small business in costume jewellery

Certificate Program- 6 Months (Eligibility: 10th)

Manual designing: designing with different motives and knowledge of jewellery.
Shading, rendering of white gold, yellow gold, gemstones etc.
Costume jewellery: making all jewellery by different types of beads, stones. metallurgy- basic knowledge and theory of all terms used in jewellery.

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