Advanced Diploma in Animation

Learn advanced 3D modeling, character animation, and storytelling techniques. Master industry-standard software and unleash your creativity. Benefit from hands-on projects, mentorship, and gain a holistic understanding of animation. Elevate your skills and embark on a rewarding animation career.

Course Duration : 2 Years
Eligibility : 10+2

Certification Course in Animation

Acquire expertise in character rigging, special effects, and advanced animation tools. Benefit from real-world projects, industry insights, and hands-on training. Elevate your animation proficiency and gain a certified recognition.

Course Duration : 6 Months
Eligibility : 10+2
Course ContentPre -Production
Digital Art Design – PracticalIntroduction To Pc Skills And Programming
Drawing With ComputerBasic Photoshop & Texturing

Anatomy For AnimationCel Animation – Practical

Principles Of Animation2d Animation
SoftwaresAdobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Autodesk 3dsmax

2 Years Advance Course

Delve into advanced techniques in 2D and 3D animation, character rigging, motion graphics, and industry-standard software. Develop a strong foundation in storytelling, cinematography, and animation production pipelines under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

Course Duration : 2 Years
Eligibility : 10+2

2 Years Advance Course (Eligibility 10+2)

1 Year Advance Course

Course designed for aspiring animators seeking an intensive program. Gain expertise in advanced animation principles, visual effects, and character animation. Explore the intricacies of animation software, project management, and collaborative workflows.

Course Duration : 1 Year
Eligibility : 10+2

1 Year Advance Course (Eligibility : 10+2)

Animation Course In Pune Certification – 6 Months (Eligibility: 10th)

Animation Certification Course

Lay the groundwork for your animation journey with our Certification Course. Tailored for students after 10th grade, this program covers essential animation principles, software proficiency, and project execution. Develop a strong understanding of the animation pipeline and prepare for further specialization.

Course Duration : 6 Months
Eligibility : 10th

Animation Course In Pune Certification – 6 Months (Eligibility: 10th)

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