Advanced Diploma Course in Fashion Communication

Fashion communication and styling course is a field that lets you explore the world of fashion through the art of communication. Different media formats are introduced to individuals on this course which later can be applied in the fashion industry. The curriculum includes areas such as graphic design, visual merchandising, retail experience design, exhibition, and display design, event management, photography, styling, advertising, public relations and creative writing specific to the fashion and lifestyle industry.

There is a variety of interdisciplinary learning provided across the course. Sharpen your digital competencies and strengthen your design base in the course. The advanced diploma will open up fields of journalism, blogging, content writing, photography, styling, creating graphics and many more such interesting opportunities in the future. 

Fashion communication and styling course is the way of the upcoming industry with the hype in using social media, networking platforms and marketing techniques that’s all about communication through the use of words, graphics, photography, merchandising etc. If you are looking to enhance and explore your skills in the fashion industry through strong pursuits like communication then this course is what you need on your resume.

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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Branding for a fashion label
  • Maintaining public relations
  • Working as a fashion journalists 
  • Understanding new upcoming trends and fashion news and keeping a track of the same 
  • Getting into visual advertisement designing and idea generation 
  • Styling or visual merchandising and art direction 

2 Years Advanced Course in Fashion Communication

Semester – IIISemester – IV
Overview of DesignFundamentals of Design
Fundamentals of DesignColour II, Drawing II, Form, Space & Structure II
Drawing I, Colour I, Geometry, Material Studies,
Form, Space & Structure
Research Methodology: 2
Research Methodology – 1Visual Studies: Nomadic Civilization
Visual Studies: River Valley CivilizationDigital Methods 2: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
Digital Methods 1: MS Office, PS
Fabric Studies & Intro Traditional Indian Textile
Introduction to PhotographyBasics of Pattern Making
Basics of Garment Construction
Introduction to Fashion Communication

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