BDes in Animation

Comprehensive curriculum covering 2D and 3D animation, character design, visual storytelling, and industry-standard software proficiency. Acquire advanced skills in animation production, concept development, and animation aesthetics. Cultivate a well-rounded approach to animation for a successful career.

Course Duration : 4 Years
Eligibility : 10+2

UG: Bachelors Programmes – 4 Years Specialization Course (Eligibility : 10+2)

BSc in Animation

Focused on specialized training, this program delves deep into advanced animation techniques, visual effects, and industry-specific software. Develop a strong portfolio showcasing your expertise and prepare for specialized roles in the animation industry.

Course Duration : 3 Years
Eligibility : 10+2

UG: Bachelors Programmes – 3 Years Specialization Course (Eligibility : 10+2)

MBA in Animation

Combine your passion for animation with strategic leadership skills through our MBA program. Gain a holistic understanding of the animation industry, from project management to business development. Learn to navigate the dynamic animation landscape, lead creative teams, and drive innovation. Elevate your career with an MBA that positions you as a leader in the animation field.

Course Duration : 2 Years
Eligibility : Graduate

MBA Animation – First Year

MBA Animation – Second Year

M.DES Animation

Achieve mastery in animation artistry and innovation with our MDes program. Dive deep into advanced animation techniques, storytelling, and design thinking. Cultivate a unique creative voice and contribute to the forefront of animation evolution. Benefit from mentorship, collaborative projects, and research opportunities.

Course Duration : 2 Years
Eligibility : Graduate

PG: Masters Programmes – – 2 Years (Eligibility : Graduate)

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