MSC in a Luxury Brand Management

The Joint Program is operated by the International School of Design and College De Paris. The 12 months will provide an inside look at the world of luxury through the eyes of an entrepreneur, an artist, and a consumer. The course will help you learn, develop, and adapt to the ever-changing skill sets required for understanding the journey of a luxury product and presenting its voice through branding elements.

Acknowledging that not all luxury segments operate on the same principles, our coursework examines various luxury verticals individually and in-depth. Think Fashion! Hospitality! Lifestyle! Automotive! Real Estate! You will learn about the intricate workings of local and global luxury brands, as well as the psychology behind them – why are they so mysterious and coveted?! The course modules will assist you in gaining unique insights into consumer behavior – the primary driver of consumption!

A Masters in Luxury Brand Management from INSD will give you a competitive advantage in the Indian luxury market. MiLuxBM serves as a springboard for you to launch yourself into a successful career in the luxury industry!!

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Course Highlights

Next in-take – October 2023
Total Duration – 12 month
Campus – INSD

Partners and Accreditation

Accreditation of the MSc Degree (State certified by French Board of Education) awarded by College De Paris.

Partner Brands


Our Partner schools have the following accreditations:

Choose Between 2 Tracks

India Track

In Term 3 students can choose the India track to study at the Delhi campus and additionally intern for upto 6 months.

French Track

In Term 3 students can choose the French track to study at the Paris campus for 4.5 months and additionally intern for upto 6 months.

Why Join MiLuxBM

Learning Outcomes

On Completion of the Luxury Brand Management course, candidates will be able to identify the following

luxury brand management
Best road map for the luxury industry
luxury brand management
Strategies and Practises of Luxury Leaders
luxury brand management
Gain an advantage over their competitors
luxury brand management
Right set of Luxury knowledge and skills required

MiLuxBM Program Overview

Industry Exposure

Masterclass | Industry Visit | Workshops | Brand Partners | Experts and Faculties


  • Learn from the Leaders & Experts about the journey in the Luxury industry.
  • Luxury brands have their own successes and failures to learn from, much like how Rome was not built in a day!
  • Additional knowledge session which will extremely beneficial to aspiring luxury leaders

Industry Visit

  • Real-time luxury exposures of Indian Luxury Market
  • Students have the opportunity to visit and discover various small and large-scale industries.
  • Industry visits are all about gaining hands-on experience.


  • Resume & LinkedIn profile building
  • Soft skills training
  • Intensive group discussion
  • Improvisation for a student’s overall professional development
  • Career Advancement

Experts & Faculties

Partner Brands

360° Career Guidance

Admission Process

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