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International School of Design has agreements and conventions with academic institutions across the globe. They allow us to offer students Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees, Diplomas, and international exchanges or stays abroad.

International Business School Washington (IBSW)

IBSW has successfully promoted educational excellence through its training. The goal of IBSW education is to work with brilliant minds – the main source of ideas and innovation – and prepare them to become successful leaders and entrepreneurs in various industries. The campuses of the International Business School of Washington are located in some of the most exciting cities in the world – Washington, D.C., Paris, Dubai, and Bangalore. The international curriculum provides students with unique in-class and hands-on experiences preparing them to stand out as accomplished professionals in the global market.

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Collège de Paris

Since its foundation, the Collège de Paris has made it its mission to promote French excellence through training. To do this, we bring together recognized institutions of higher learning – the oldest dates back to 1949. They share three fundamental values: openness to international markets, teaching excellence, and individual attention for each student. The member schools of the College of Paris are all recognized in their area of specialty and offer a guarantee of integration into the global job markets.

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University of Creative Arts

UCA believes that creativity makes global communities more vibrant, more innovative, more human. This is why, for 160 years, the university has been a passionate advocate for creative education and research.

University of creative arts (UCA) is an Art and Design University located in England. There are four campus locations: UCA Canterbury, UCA Epsom, UCA Farnham, and UCA Rochester. On each of our campuses, you’ll find a close-knit community of staff and students who are learning together, collaborating, sharing ideas, and pushing boundaries to solve real problems. Together, we create work that changes lives and shifts perspectives. Over time, the university has emerged as the second-largest institution in Europe and also acknowledged among the top 40 institutions in England and seeks to top the list through its unique creative courses.

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Ecole Supérieure de Relooking

Since its creation in 2010, the school has been constantly evolving and constantly developing new methodologies, uniting coaching techniques, and personal or professional image enhancement. The unique training method combines a rich program, practical experience in real-life conditions, support towards the realization of your projects, and membership in an active network of peers. To date, the School is established in several countries such as Brazil, Canada, Italy, India, Sweden and has already trained more than 10,000 people around the world and participated in projects around the world. The high standards and quality of the  Ecole Supérieure de Relooking training courses will make your difference in the image coaching market.

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