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A Good First Impression Can Work Wonders - J.K. Rowling

A Good First Impression Can Work Wonders - J.K. Rowling

Unlock the Power of Image Transformation

The INSD Image Consulting and Styling programme is designed to develop self-esteem, strengthen personal branding, and improve credibility,  communication abilities, and fashion knowledge. It promotes self-expression, personal development, and success in the workplace.

Program Overview:

  • Elevate self-esteem and personal branding
  • Master communication and fashion knowledge
  • Foster self-expression and personal development

Our Course Is For


Develop a strong foundation in personal branding and communication, setting the stage for a successful journey in the dynamic world of fashion.


Discover the power of self-expression and personal development through our comprehensive Image Consulting, Make-Up & Styling Program. Empower yourself to make a lasting impression in every sphere of life.


Elevate your professional presence with our Image Consulting, Make-Up & Styling Program tailored for working individuals. Strengthen your communication abilities, refine your appearance, and master the nuances of body language and etiquette. Stand out in the corporate world and enhance your credibility to unlock new career opportunities.

Key Skills You’ll Gain

  • Guiding, mentoring, educating, and training individuals
  • Managing appearance, grooming, and body language
  • Creating powerful first impressions for greater opportunities

Program Duration

  • Image Consulting Personal (3 Months)
  • Image Consulting Personal and Professional (6 Months)

Course Structure

  • Part 1 – Theory: Engaging lectures and seminars
  • Part 2 – Practical: Hands-on tasks and assignments

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