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Varsha Chandwani
From Director’s Desk

With a decade of experience in the design education industry and mentored over 5500+ students along with leading academics and administration wings at reputed design schools here’s what Varsha has to say:

Today in the competitive world, meeting the Design industry requirements is the need of the hour! A good educational institution strives continuously for sustenance and enhancement of good quality education. Every institution provides education but at the same time focusing on industry requirements is key to good quality design education, we at INSD have created specialized learning modules which help students to thrive in the practical world of design.

In the world of globalisation, the needs and trends of the industry are always rolling to a new level. Focusing on a student-centric learning environment, organizing specialised workshops and interaction with the industry experts the institute aims to bring the best out of each student.

After their course completion students are ready to take on new challenges and thrive in the field of design that they have chosen. A keen emphasis is given to individual student counselling, that guides them to take the right steps towards achieving their goals. We are in the process of being among one of the top-notch design Institutes and promise to put in continuous efforts to provide excellence in education, personal and professional growth.

Let me assure you INSD will provide the best combination of skills and knowledge in the chosen career path and evolve technically strong and competent designers.

Manisha Chandwani
From Executive Director’s Desk

I have always had a vision of providing good quality design education that fulfills the needs of the ever-changing dynamic design industry. Preparing students to be eligible for more opportunities even as freshers.

Learning from the best industry experts, developing skills, cultivating, and polishing talent among budding designers in order to help them express themselves in their chosen field of interest. Every admission seeker considers two major aspects -Faculty and Placement opportunities which is the strength of our institution.

The faculties of our institute articulate a sense of expertise & professionalism which helps students to reach their full potential. INSD builds critically engaging teaching practices and tests its relevance through a wide range of projects and contexts.

Students enhance their talent by working with the faculty on various real-life projects to gain valuable knowledge, experience, and awareness of design applications and industry dynamics.

Placement opportunities are provided by liaisons with high-class Training & Placement Partners. Helping students to explore the learning imparted in the classroom.

I extend best wishes to all my students for exciting, rewarding and challenging years in the institute and a bright future thereafter.

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